Teen Wolf Main Characters → 4x01 “The Dark Moon”

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This one hits close to home for me.  In my final year of university, 6 drunk women had been called cabs to take them home by their friends.  It was November and December.  On 6 separate occasions, 6 women were sexually assaulted while drunk by the cab drivers called to take them home safely.  Since the cab drivers worked for the mayor’s cab company, none of them lost their jobs over this.

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Just had to make these…

How corgis are born

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s name


Recently I’ve seen the upstart of a #maliaedit tag, and I’ve been pining for a more accurate tagging system for TW characters for forever. According to the wonderful Amanda #charactername+edit has been used around and about for a while now. By making this post I’m hoping to raise awareness for these specific character tags for Teen Wolf so we can all more easily find stuff of our faves without having to sift through wank, rps, text posts and who knows what else. 

If you’re a fanartist, fanauthor, graphic designer, gif-maker—basically anyone creating original content!!!—I hope you consider using these tags when you post your work, because I, and others I’m sure, would love to be able to see the awesome stuff this fandom makes every day much more easily. 

And as always, as an all-inclusive secondary tag, the #twedit tag is still active and an awesome resource!!!

ADDENDUM: your fave character or ship not here, and you’re not sure what to tag? check this tag on my blog and see if it’s there!! if you’re still confused, message me and I’ll help you out xx

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Teen Wolf: A Gif Summary - 4.01 The Dark Moon

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You know what? I’m pretty smartimage

I should be on the…………..image

Honour Roll

Your Zuko costume’s pretty good, but your scar’s on the wrong side.


Tumblr-user thehiddentriforce will forever carry dishonor with them.

For everyone who completely missed it, allow me to be less subtle:


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countdown to season 4: favorite parent
There’s a full DVR of unwatched television waiting to remind me how ridiculously single I really am.

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You! Fix the jeep. Stiles, focus

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